Hi. I am Bilal. I am photographer, wanderer/traveller, numismatician, philatelist and a student pursuing my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. I stay in Moodbidri.

I am just a person with curiosity opting to learn whatever I find interesting. My love for photography started from my love for mobiles. After being surprised by seeing Nokia Lumia’s manual camera capabilities I found that DSLR’s give far better images than those mobiles and I bought a DSLR immediately. Over the span of first two years, I got enlightenment that “The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.”— Scott Lorenzo. Over the time I got interested in the artistic part of photography and started learning all the photography rules and techniques.

I am a more into landscapes and street photography though I try my hands at all the possible genres of photography. Am also a hardcore follower of imaging technology equipment including DSLR’S, mirrorless cameras, tripods, lighting equipment and also bags. I closely follow mobile cameras and the curiosity of mobile cameras is wired into me. As a backpacker undiscovered, lesser known places attract me more than famed and crowded places.

Am also a gadget freak with interest in Android and iOS devices with a love for trying various custom ROM’s. I am interested in Linux and custom built computers also. I decided to start this blog to share what I know and to remind me what I know😊

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