This play was performed in Alvas Nudisiri on November 19 2016. The original script for this play was written by famous kannada writer Dr Chandrashekara Kambara. The play was performed under the guidance of Jeevaram Sullia . The whole setup of the play was beautifully planned and the cast consisted of  students from Alvas Rangha Adhyayana Kendra.  The play was performed in a very well manner ranging from lighting to the acting of the students.

Gear used:

Camera -Nikon d7100
Lens      -Nikon 18-105g VR 3.5-5.6
    The camera performed very well in the low light. As I had decreased the brightness of LCD the photos appeared dim(underexposed) while previewing. So I decreased the shutterspeed which resulted in photos which were appearing properly exposed while previewing but were overexposed . So always check whether your  camera’s LCD calibration is as per the situation.

Theme of the play

The play is very well scripted by Dr Chandrashekar which until the end keeps the audience engaged, indulged and involved.Its a mythological romantic comedy which revolves around 3 main characters ; Sanjeevashiva being the protagonist , his mother Shatavitayi and his lady love the princess. But once he falls in love with the Princess he is forced to go against his mothers order of not to save the princess.He is now stuck in a dilemna between motherly love and lady love. The witty way how he handles the situation makes the play worth watching.

Thanks to Dr Krishnamohan  for guiding me in PP of the photos. You can checkout his photos of the same play which he had captured when the play was performed before some days. :Mahamayi
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The team with its  guide Jeevaram Sullia

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