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As I am having exams I could not spend time on researching for the technical blog. So I decided to pen down briefly my thoughts about craze for picture captured by DSLR.

 I had taken my camera to an event today. As I was walking holding my DSLR almost everyone I know who came across me wanted a picture in the DSLR. It was not only for me but also for others with a DSLR. It was because of a popular belief that the DSLR gives better pics compared to the mobile camera even in day to day life snapshots. But it was true before the 7-8 year when mobiles cameras used to be 2-3 megapixels.

  But now things have changed and mobile cameras give similar or sometimes produce more appealing pics for social media compared to DSLR. The DSLR gives clearer pictures compared to mobile cameras usually as it is made for producing high-quality pictures. But whatever the photos which we click in the college fests or so will be usually uploaded to social media sites where the image quality gets reduced and becomes the normal pics.

The fact is that mobile pics will be around 5-7 MB and a DSLR image will be around 12-14 MB.But once you upload to social media sites like facebook or Instagram it will become around 500 KB. So the whole image quality will be degraded and it doesn’t really matter with which camera the picture was captured.

 Now the question comes when to use a DSLR then and when the mobile camera gives a similar picture. When the light is adequate both the cameras give a similar picture. But there are some photographic tricks like long exposure, high shutter speed to freeze motion etc. These setting can be done only with a DSLR ( though latest mobile camera gives manual setting they are not satisfactory). Also, most of the creative photographic equipment like lights, tripods, lens are made for DSLR’s for something like natural bokeh effect we need that specific lens which is only available for DSLR’s. We can not use this accessories on a mobile camera and improve image quality but the fact is we will not be using all those accessories while clicking a snapshot standing among a crowd.

Also, I would like to add that there is a difference between a snapshot and photograph. According to definitions of the two words

“Snapshots are personal. They record a personal history and are very important for that reason, but only to people who know the people and places in the photos. Technical quality is less important than capturing the people and place in time. Digital point and shoots are ideal for this purpose.

So usually we want our snapshots to be taken and there is nothing creative like making a set or modifying the environment to get require pictures.

So I voice that when it comes to normal snapshots I feel mobile cameras are better than DSLR’s as they are handy and will stay with us all the time. The modern mobile camera has fantastic clarity and well as other image quality requirements. So I feel that rather than searching for a DSLR guy, taking your mobile camera and clicking that snapshot is a far better idea.

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