iPhone 7 is released and in every media its a hot topic of discussion.Everyone wants to buy this phone  , from school going children to old men reliant on their pensions. So let us take a moment and think about all this hype and craziness.

 It all started when Steve Jobs introduced iPhone on June 27 2007. Since then we have been seeing people sell their cars or kidneys for buying it. In the beginning people who had seen keypad phones only were seeing a device which had a computer , mp3 and a mobile in a device. So to buy the best phone people were ready to sacrifice anything. This “best phone which you need to get at any cost” trend was legit till htc and Samsung came out with their ‘htc one’ series and ‘galaxy s’ series which began competing with iPhones. And recently these phones even surpassed iPhone in some sections. But the ones who had become fans of iPhone in the beginning turned a blind eye against all this and continued to buy iPhones paying a premium though it had lost all its worth in recent times.
    After knowing all these things, I started wondering why people still buy iPhone and these thoughts came to my mind….

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1. Status symbol : You may be thinking what I say is true or not. But I have valid reasons to say so. The trend of buying iPhone among my classmates began when I was in 9th (2012-13) and  all I know is that they used to use their old phones to listen music after buying iPhone because they did not know to transfer music using iTunes. And everyone had a same reason for buying , “Our status increases if we have an iPhones” and the trend continues till now and still the people call me a nerd for knowing that iPhones have processors named in A-series or because i know to sync using iTunes.And I dont think any educated person would consider a iPhone owner as a person of good status.

2.Inspired by advertisements : These little 2 minutes videos have the capacity to convince anything even  that a crow becomes a dove applying their product (Just remembered Fair and Lovely). Same way even apple makes commercial which say that a old man get young and can dive from a height of 25-30 feet into swimming pool ( Watch this  iPhone 7- Dive) or that you become a professional videographer using their iPhones. These videos have so much of influence that even a critic like me feels like buying and  my wish of buying it goes away only when look into my wallet.

3.Rat race : This is something which I cannot miss . Yes you heard it right , “RAT RACE”. Even if a person exists in this planet who does not know what an iPhone is , if he/she comes to know that some random person named ” sdfjhgehg” or whoever it is has bought a iPhone and its so costly ,then our hero may go searching for Apple store to buy that COSTLY PHONE because when the random person has a costly phone and when people are talking about him even I should buy one and get famous (Doesn’t matters if I do not know to switch on it (I mean setup the phone in the beginning).And this is clearly visible when you see people lining in front of apple stores during iPhone launch racing to get the iPhone first.And this is the same phone which you will get at doorsteps if you do not follow the rat race

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And I think these 3 reason are more than enough to convince you that people buy iPhones for meaningless reasons (I am talking specially about India)

When  I say   ‘(I am talking specially about India) ‘ you might be wondering what I mean by that statement in previous line. Well , let me explain it to you now. When I gave the 3 reasons for people buying iPhones I was talking about Indian customers. So you may ask me what about Americans or Europeans ,even they have iPhones , why will they buy iPhones if its worthless .So let me tell the difference between a Indian users and a foreign users.

1.Because the iPhones are damn cheap their and are worth the price : Yes, you read it right .iPhones are around  35-40% cheaper in US  which means that if you get iPhone which costs 50,000 in India for around 30,000 in USA (these are imaginary figures for easy understanding the actuall costs are –

iPhone 7 32GB model is now available at $649 (Rs. 43,400 approximately), while the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB has been priced at $769 (Rs. 51,500 approximately)in USA. It is 60k and 75k in India). I do think its a good deal at that price. But its not at all better than you kidney when it comes to paying 75k for a 32gb phone
2.They get what they pay for : When the foreigners buy a iPhone they get the services for which they pay. They can use their iPhones as ATM cards (apple pay) ,and make their life simpler . And it is interesting to know that iPhone has NFC chip only for apple pay ,and apple adds the price of the chip in total price of iPhone ,and yes the India customer payed around 5000 for a NFC chip which is of no use to him as apple pay is not their in India. Similarly there are many features which Indian users are deprived of but still they have to pay for them
3.Quality service : Apple is a brand reputed for maintaining their quality in US through their programs like apple store and selecting qualified technicians. Their quality is so good that if they do not have spare they replace the whole phone for the cost of the spare. But in India there are no “apple stores” (its the name given to outlets of apple owned by apple ) at all. So once you buy the iPhone paying 60,000 thinking you are the king, then if something happens to your phone you have to go some service centre who have taken Apple dealership and stand like beggars along with going from one person to other because no one is qualified to give you the “Apple” kind of service
         These are purely my thoughts which I have expressed. After reading all this its your choice to pay 70,000 plus for something which is not so useful to you or buying a decent phone which meets your needs and spend the rest of the money for something good .😊
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